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The Difference You Deserve

ETS believes the objectives and expectations of our customers are paramount.

That is why our senior management team takes an active role to ensure customer needs are met, and as a transparent extension of your organization, understands your goals, strategies, and corporate culture.

It is why, as your advocate, each consultant on the ETS team possesses 10-plus years of industry experience, always offering expert advice.

It is also why we have created a tiered menu approach to services and pricing, allowing your organization to select and pay for only those services needed.

The ETS Experts
ETS recruits and hires only those travel professionals with a minimum of 10 years’ industry experience – not common in any other travel management company. Ensuring that all travel activity is in compliance with customer objectives and that it meets high standards for quality, they are the daily conduits through which travel programs succeed.



Customized Services and Pricing
Travel needs vary greatly by organizations and travelers. Valuing the unique corporate structures and cultures of our customers, we have developed a tiered service and pricing program that is fair and balanced. It means your company selects and pays for what it needs and uses – nothing more and nothing less.

Exceptional Value
ETS recognized that our customers needed to clearly understand the benefits of partnering with our company. This led to the development of a methodology that consistently documents the "true" savings we achieve on their behalf. Our ability to capture and illustrate these savings is yet another way that ETS demonstrates added value.


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